Monday, May 7, 2018

st.pete, fl

For those unfamiliar with the Tampa area, St. Petersburg is part of the Tampa Bay area and shockingly I'd never wandered over there. One of my friends, who used to live in downtown St. Pete before moving to Tampa suggested we go and omg. I'm so we did. I also feel like I've been missing out! It's so cute. The streets are lined with interesting bars, cute bakeries, and amazing restaurants. The hotels are gorgeous and you're right on the water with boats scattered throughout the water. 

The downside was that it was raining almost the entire time we were there, but it was still worth the drive over the bridge. We ran into the cutest French bakery and got a pastry while we waited for the rain to [ hopefully stop ] and for another friend to join. The bakery, Cassis, had the cutest blue and white branding and I actually ordered my cookie to go just to get it in a to-go box. 

I wore a really fun top [wearing an xs ] + my fave bf jeans and [ inappropriate shoes, as usual ] with this new bag!

There's an amazing hotel, The Vinoy, and we popped in because it's a pink building and I had to. There was a huge party happening for the Derby and two weddings happening! After two minutes, I wanted to live there.

I wish I would've taken photos of dinner and drinks, but it was dark. We ate Spanish food at Ceviche and while this is not a travel blog, if you're visiting St. Pete or Tampa, this would be one of my recommendations if you want really good food and a fun atmosphere. 

We were walking around downtown and the trees were covered in lights. Honestly so many people love St. Pete and the ones who live there don't want to leave. I get it now. It's such a cute and unique city with so much going on, but it also feels really relaxed. We've already planned to go back again when it's not raining and with more comfortable shoes :)

what we did / recommendations :

stop at Cassis Bakery for a pastry [ so good and I want to try the macrons next time! ]
walk around downtown and by the marina, so pretty.
go see The Vinoy [ it's amazing! ]
go for drinks at one [ of the many ] cute bars before dinner.
we ate at Ceviche, a really cute Spanish restaurant, but there were so many options!
pop into an art gallery [ we didn't do this, but I want to, there were so many there! ]