Sunday, April 15, 2018

sunglasses at Nordstrom Rack

Besides shoes, I'd say sunglasses are my favorite accessory. I haven't always been able to wear them #glasseskid, but once I got contacts, the first thing I did was buy my favorite Rayban's. I still wear them and love them! I have both inexpensive and expensive pairs and while it would amazing to be able to buy designer sunnies all the time... I can't. But until I can, I either like to find similar for less or other ways to buy them. I've started going to Nordstrom Rack and finding the best options! I've seen Karen Walker, Tory Burch, Sunday Somewhere, Rayban, Kate Spade. 

Also, while I mostly pop in there to browse the sunglasses and see if there's any good basics, they often have tee's from Madewell and good jeans! I've found some of the best shoes, too! I left with a huge bag of way more than I planned, like these sandals! Despite living in Florida, I never have enough sandals, so I picked these up, they're 1.State, a brand I love and they're so comfy.

[ similar ]

I couldn't link my exact sunnies, but I compiled 5 favorite pairs that I'm loving right now! The Quay's [ #3 ] have actually been on my wishlist, so I might go ahead and get those and Linda Farrow is one of my fave designer's for sunglasses! How cute are they?!

1. Rayban's | 2. Sunday Somewhere [ similar to mine! ] | 3. Quay's [ love these! ] |
4. Linda Farrow [ dreamy ] | 5. Linda Farrow [ also obsessed with! ]

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