Monday, April 9, 2018

products I hated #1

I've been trying a lot of new products lately and some have been amazing purchases and some have not. For the most part, the products themselves are great and highly recommended, but I have highly sensitive skin, like I mentioned here in my first skincare post, and a lot of products won't work for me. If they have a scent or if they're too strong, chances are my skin's going to react. I've also been paying more attention to ingredients. There's so many bad / cancer causing ingredients in skincare and makeup and those things can impact your skin.

I'm not sharing these to complain, because honestly I wanted to love them. But if someone else with skin who hates nearly everything, reads this and finds it helpful, then good, because it has taken me forever to find a routine I'm comfortable and it's still a work in progress. I'm going to share the products I've been loving soon!

The products:

I wanted to love this because it smells really amazing, but I don't think it was strong enough for my hair. I have super thick, curly hair and I only wash it twice a week, so I need a dry shampoo that will actually revive it and make it smell good. This one felt like I was just misting my hair. However, I just started using the clarifying shampoo and I really like it!

I bought a Drunk Elephant sample kit at Sephora during Christmas and the packaging is amazing. However I was breaking out when I wanted to try this and my breakouts continued to get worse as I used this. 

I would have repurchased this had I been able to use it because it's so light and soft on the skin. It essentially was like putting whipped cream on your skin and a little went a long way.

 I had never tried an oil before, I thought I might like this as I have dry skin, but I think trying the serum, moisturizer and oil all at once was way too much at once and while they came as a set, they felt gentle putting on my skin, but it was a lot for my skin.

I have to have a toner. I could use the most effective products and without a toner, they would be useless. I tried this Darphin Toner and it was really nice because it didn't smell like alcohol and it made my skin feel hydrated and soft. However, I broke out even worse, I think it was from the scent. I would recommend this product, though because it wasn't drying and it leaves your skin feeling super soft!

This was the biggest disappointment. I wanted this to work and for my skin to accept this, but the subtle floral scent is what made it a fail. There's such a pattern here. I essentially can't use anything on my skin. But this moisturizer was cooling and hydrating [ something I always look for! ] and I know a lot of people recommend Tula!

I genuinely do not like this product. The wand is huge. It makes a mess. Product was everywhere and it didn't compare to Benefit Gimme Brow. If I switch to a drug store product, it has to at least be comparable to the premier brand for me to keep using it and I couldn't keep using this. I switched to Soap and Glory's and I love it!  

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