Monday, April 2, 2018

favorite trend: hoop earrings

Normally, if I decide to wear earrings I would only wear studs. I have a lot of hair and you either couldn't really see the earrings anyway or they would get caught in my hair... Half the time, I would keep my favorite pearls or tiny emerald studs in all the time and only switch them out when I wanted a change.

Lately, I've been loving hoop earrings. I've kinda started a small collection and I've been rotating them out with different outfits. While I'm partial to all the different sizes of hoops, the medium sized, chunky hoops have to be my favorite. Possibly because you can still see them even when my hair's down, but I also love throwing it up into a high pony tail and just having the earrings be my only accessory. They're the perfect statement piece anyway.

red flat drop hoop earrings | I love this pop of red! These are so fun and they're light weight, which is a necessity for me. I don't like anything too heavy or interfering.

crescent hoop earrings | I found these at Anthropologie and they are so pretty! They're really delicate and pretty!

gold flat hoop earrings | I probably wear these the most because they work with nearly every outfit and the gold is a really light shade and brushed texture. 

What trend are you loving?

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