Wednesday, March 28, 2018

sweater blazer and j.crew wishlist

I'm really excited about these photos because of this location. I love pink buildings, I've collected photos and inspiration of them for years now and while I love colorful buildings in general, this particular shade of pink is so perfect. It feels kind of retro and I read that the location was designed by someone who wanted the area to feel like the Florida Gatsby. Davis Island is filled with colorful buildings and the houses are gorgeous! You have to drive over a bridge to get there and it sort of feels like you're going to a different world, but it's really fun to drive around. The hospital is right off the bridge, so that's so the most important part, but past that is filled with color and interesting architecture!

I got this sweater blazer from J.Crew Factory because I wanted a lighter blazer for Spring that would still be warm for the office. I love it, it's super comfy, the collar takes a bit of work to lay flat, but I think a steamer will help that. The retail version also looks amazing! I paired it with my paper bag pants and a t-shirt. I last wore the paperbag pants here and it was winter then. I think they can easily be styled for spring, too. I wore it with this striped t-shirt from Target. The light grey of the blazer also lightened the black in the pants and the print mixing makes it more fun. 

[ similar ]

[ in bronze ]

[ similar ]

[ similar ]

Sidenote. I haven't shopped at J.Crew in years. I used to primarily have a closet full of the brand, but we just fell out of sorts through the years. I went on there recently and fell in love with a ton! I ordered a few things from J.Crew Factory [ like the blazer ] and placed a J.Crew order, too. I thought I'd share what I got and what I still want! 

1. flat drop-hoop earrings | I've been obsessed with hoops + the color red lately. Had to have these!
2. sam sunglasses | no surprise, but I really want a pair of red sunnies to add to my collection!
3. boxy striped t-shirt | my ideal fit in the best color + pattern.
4. short sleeve button up | such a pretty grey + it's silk, I got this on sale so it was seriously worth it!
5. denim shorts | finally found a pair I think I'll love!
6. rain jacket | going to Seattle in May, need a rain coat!
7. high tops | ordered these for sure. I love high tops!

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