Wednesday, March 7, 2018

great basics

I think it's worth mentioning that I got new sunglasses! Or not, this may or may not be exciting to you. But they're from Anthropologie and inexpensive enough not too be upset with the scratch that's on the corner from dropping them on the sidewalk already...

This outfit is a compilation of pieces that I wear multiple times per week. I think they've become wardrobe staples now. When I first started my job, I really didn't want to just buy clothes that I'd only wear to work. And I've really stuck with that. All of these pieces are items are wear weekly, but I wear them elsewhere, too! Especially my flats and cami!

I bought these drapey black pants months ago and the cost per wear must be cents by now as I've nearly worn them into the ground. I didn't how much I'd need them until I had them! I think anyone can wear these and they look look especially great with silk or light sweaters!

I bought this grey satin cami from Express and I never thought I'd wear a cami. I'm more of a blouse or button-up kind of girl, but the soft material makes it more elevated. 

Years ago, my closet was 87% cardigans. Now I own two. I just prefer regular sweaters I think. But this one has pearls in place of buttons and it's lightweight, so I can wear it in spring! Also, I think pearl embellished anything is my favorite trend right now. I really want a pair of jeans!

Everyone needs a pair of flats that can be dressed up or down. I found these and intentionally bought them to wear with a dress, but knew I'd wear them with a ton of other items in my closet. They are so cute with jeans! And Sole Society makes the most comfortable shoes. These took no breaking in whatsoever.

 I also feel like by dressing in classic pieces, it makes it really fun to incorporate trends! Like my white bag I've been carrying everywhere. 

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