Monday, March 5, 2018

body-con dress

This was not the the outfit I had planned to post. But then I bought this dress and everything changed. I was so skeptical about this dress. It feels like every blogger has it and it looks amazing on them. Not to make this post about body image, but I never wear clothes this form fitting, I usually don't feel that comfortable. And I had tried this dress on a few month's ago and ended up not getting it. But I was out shopping this weekend and I tried it on again and it really is a flattering dress. I also started imagining every way I would style it and it started to feel more like me. 

Chunky heeled booties are my favorite shoe style. I've had this pair forever, but I have a black pair I wear all the time and I am dying for a white pair, too! I keep looking at this pair... We're going through a cold front, so it was the perfect opportunity to throw on the best grandpa cardigan. You can actually wear this with anything. This was the last outfit we shot and afterwards, I threw on a cropped sweatshirt and my Nike's and it was super cute and comfy.

Also worth mentioning, since you can finally see them now that my hair is up, are these hoops! I tend to forget to add the little details. I love the outfit and shoes and I wear the same jewelry every time, but I've been working on choosing accessories that I love enough to remember to wear. These are it. They're kind of retro and simple and never get stuck in my hair :)

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