Wednesday, March 28, 2018

sweater blazer and j.crew wishlist

I'm really excited about these photos because of this location. I love pink buildings, I've collected photos and inspiration of them for years now and while I love colorful buildings in general, this particular shade of pink is so perfect. It feels kind of retro and I read that the location was designed by someone who wanted the area to feel like the Florida Gatsby. Davis Island is filled with colorful buildings and the houses are gorgeous! You have to drive over a bridge to get there and it sort of feels like you're going to a different world, but it's really fun to drive around. The hospital is right off the bridge, so that's so the most important part, but past that is filled with color and interesting architecture!

I got this sweater blazer from J.Crew Factory because I wanted a lighter blazer for Spring that would still be warm for the office. I love it, it's super comfy, the collar takes a bit of work to lay flat, but I think a steamer will help that. The retail version also looks amazing! I paired it with my paper bag pants and a t-shirt. I last wore the paperbag pants here and it was winter then. I think they can easily be styled for spring, too. I wore it with this striped t-shirt from Target. The light grey of the blazer also lightened the black in the pants and the print mixing makes it more fun. 

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Sidenote. I haven't shopped at J.Crew in years. I used to primarily have a closet full of the brand, but we just fell out of sorts through the years. I went on there recently and fell in love with a ton! I ordered a few things from J.Crew Factory [ like the blazer ] and placed a J.Crew order, too. I thought I'd share what I got and what I still want! 

1. flat drop-hoop earrings | I've been obsessed with hoops + the color red lately. Had to have these!
2. sam sunglasses | no surprise, but I really want a pair of red sunnies to add to my collection!
3. boxy striped t-shirt | my ideal fit in the best color + pattern.
4. short sleeve button up | such a pretty grey + it's silk, I got this on sale so it was seriously worth it!
5. denim shorts | finally found a pair I think I'll love!
6. rain jacket | going to Seattle in May, need a rain coat!
7. high tops | ordered these for sure. I love high tops!

Monday, March 26, 2018

twist back tee

happy monday!

If I could wear one outfit for the rest of my life and feel completely confident and put together in it, it would a variation of this. I've worn these jeans countless times on here and they are my fave. It's so funny that I was once hesitant to buy them because I never really preferred a light wash, but I love them and wear them with everything. Mine are sold out now, but Abercrombie brought back a similar pair and they're on sale now!

This twist back tee was one of Gap purchases from a couple of week's ago. I've been incorporating more basics that have something interesting about them into my closet. This tee is simple, but has a back detail that makes it really interesting. The material is so soft and I love the sleeve style. The whole tee just sits in a really flattering way. I also just ordered this shirt in grey to wear to work because it'll be so easy, but I think it'll be really great on weekends, too! Maybe with high-waisted denim?

I ordered these sandals from J.Crew factory and I highly recommend! Shoes have always been my favorite item to shop for, so I have a lot, but I didn't have a pair of neutral sandals in my collection! These have the tiniest heel and can be worn with nearly anything!

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love this one!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

red and white striped dress

Definitely one of my favorite outfit's ever? I've been eying this dress by Who What Wear for a couple of weeks and I didn't buy it right away. It went on sale at my store and I bought it right away. Shirt dresses are one of my favorite silhouettes and the red + white vertical stripes are amazing for spring. I love the classic Americana feel of red and white stripes and I feel like there's going be multiple variations of this pattern in my closet this spring and summer!

These white booties are dreamy. I've been wanting some for a while now and they were apart of the Gap sale! The 1960's is one of my favorite era's for fashion and while these are quite a gogo boot, I feel like there's something really retro about them. They're so versatile. I'm already planning to wear them with this dress and remember this skirt? How cute would they be paired with that skirt and a white tee for spring?!

I've been having so too much fun shopping for spring. It's so fresh and easy to buy for. I like being able to find one and done pieces, like a pretty dress that just requires a fun shoe and my favorite earrings! I've done a post on 5 Things for Spring and I'm going to do an update on what I've actually bought soon! 

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Monday, March 19, 2018

high-waisted white jeans

I've been wanting to add some white jeans to my collection and when I did I thought I'd choose a different style from my usual. I've been loving the cropped length with the high rise and the buttons are the best part! I also found them at Gap. I used to buy jeans from Gap all the time, they fit me so well, but then they changed the way they made them and I stopped shopping there for a while. But I went on to browse their sale and ended up with a few things, including these jeans! I love them. I wear between a 25 and a 26 and went with the 25, since they'll stretch!

The best part about a high-waist? You can wear a cropped top with it and it becomes a little less cropped. I love this suede top. It's so easy to wear and has the best details - ruffles on the shoulder, beading, tiny suede buttons... but I feel it needs a higher rise to balance it out. I think this would be such a cute spring date night outfit!

I just added my velvet flats, white bag, and gold hoops and done! I have a post coming on my obsession with gold hoop earrings because I've started a collection and I've been obsessed with these in particular. They go with nearly everything and they're so light. Sadly my bag is sold out, but if you've been looking at post's in previous weeks, I've been carrying it everywhere! I can't help it. I've always loved white over any other color and this one is the perfect size!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

black pleather mini

I found this faux leather mini at H&M a couple of weeks ago and I grabbed it to try. I originally wanted to style it for a night out or a date night look [ and I will ], but then I started imagining it with my navy blazer and a white cami underneath. I think this could be a really fun, but work appropriate look. It's edgy, but the blazer and pom pom flats make it a little more of a day look. And how cute is it with my glasses?! I love pieces like this. They're so much fun to wear and there's countless ways to style them. I also want to pair it with a white button up, like this one or how cute would this be with sneakers for a casual day look?

[ I would size up in the skirt, I got the 6 and it fits perfectly ]

white cami
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Monday, March 12, 2018

new favorite espadrilles

I wore this outfit to go eat Mexican food with friends and this top was perfect for that. Lose and airy and really great at disguising alllll the chips and queso I consumed. It's sold out now as I snagged it on sale, but I've been finding lots of similar options, so I'll link below! 

I found these espadrilles at Target. They're Universal Thread, one of their new brands; I've been loving their stuff. I've worn these to work and worn them out and I really like them. I have a pair of cork platforms that I really need to replace soon and I think these will do that. However, size down. I was hesitant to give sizing recommendations on these because I have really narrow feet and often times, shoes in my size will still feel slightly loose, but even other reviewers said to size down. I got my normal size and it's not the end of the world if you don't got a smaller size, but they're a little loose.

peplum top
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frayed denim
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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

great basics

I think it's worth mentioning that I got new sunglasses! Or not, this may or may not be exciting to you. But they're from Anthropologie and inexpensive enough not too be upset with the scratch that's on the corner from dropping them on the sidewalk already...

This outfit is a compilation of pieces that I wear multiple times per week. I think they've become wardrobe staples now. When I first started my job, I really didn't want to just buy clothes that I'd only wear to work. And I've really stuck with that. All of these pieces are items are wear weekly, but I wear them elsewhere, too! Especially my flats and cami!

I bought these drapey black pants months ago and the cost per wear must be cents by now as I've nearly worn them into the ground. I didn't how much I'd need them until I had them! I think anyone can wear these and they look look especially great with silk or light sweaters!

I bought this grey satin cami from Express and I never thought I'd wear a cami. I'm more of a blouse or button-up kind of girl, but the soft material makes it more elevated. 

Years ago, my closet was 87% cardigans. Now I own two. I just prefer regular sweaters I think. But this one has pearls in place of buttons and it's lightweight, so I can wear it in spring! Also, I think pearl embellished anything is my favorite trend right now. I really want a pair of jeans!

Everyone needs a pair of flats that can be dressed up or down. I found these and intentionally bought them to wear with a dress, but knew I'd wear them with a ton of other items in my closet. They are so cute with jeans! And Sole Society makes the most comfortable shoes. These took no breaking in whatsoever.

 I also feel like by dressing in classic pieces, it makes it really fun to incorporate trends! Like my white bag I've been carrying everywhere. 

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[ more colors now! ]

[ on sale + comes in a million colors! ]

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

favorite nike's

I posted an Instagram of my Nike's. Basically, apart from my one pair of flamingo Vans, I didn't actually have any sneakers. I tried on 3 different pairs and these were easily the most comfortable for me and while I was a little disappointed that the blush pair I found didn't work out, I love the two-toned grey!

Monday, March 5, 2018

body-con dress

This was not the the outfit I had planned to post. But then I bought this dress and everything changed. I was so skeptical about this dress. It feels like every blogger has it and it looks amazing on them. Not to make this post about body image, but I never wear clothes this form fitting, I usually don't feel that comfortable. And I had tried this dress on a few month's ago and ended up not getting it. But I was out shopping this weekend and I tried it on again and it really is a flattering dress. I also started imagining every way I would style it and it started to feel more like me. 

Chunky heeled booties are my favorite shoe style. I've had this pair forever, but I have a black pair I wear all the time and I am dying for a white pair, too! I keep looking at this pair... We're going through a cold front, so it was the perfect opportunity to throw on the best grandpa cardigan. You can actually wear this with anything. This was the last outfit we shot and afterwards, I threw on a cropped sweatshirt and my Nike's and it was super cute and comfy.

Also worth mentioning, since you can finally see them now that my hair is up, are these hoops! I tend to forget to add the little details. I love the outfit and shoes and I wear the same jewelry every time, but I've been working on choosing accessories that I love enough to remember to wear. These are it. They're kind of retro and simple and never get stuck in my hair :)

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