Wednesday, February 28, 2018

tweed mini

As I'm writing this, I'm sitting on my bed after driving home from having dinner with two best work friends and two new ones :) We no longer work together, but we got together for Mexican food tonight and one of them had her sister's in town! It was so fun! And so good, because queso. I'm lucky to be back where my childhood bestie is, but it's amazing to have new friendships, too. I think it's so important. Every city I've lived in, I've always moved there alone for college, but I always had a really close group of girlfriends that came together along the way. I'm still friends with some of them and regardless of whether or not we still are, I've loved what we did have at that time.

And social media definitely helps. I love seeing what everyone's doing because most of us are in entirely different phases of life!

This tweed mini is so fun and I questioned on whether or not it was too short to wear to work. It is short. But I kind of just go with it. I spend most of my day in a tiny office with two other women, so why not? And it's really different. It's ruffled with a raw hem, yet the fit and material makes it feel work appropriate, especially with the white oxford [ my fave from BR ]. It also looks great with a short sleeve sweater!!

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