Monday, February 12, 2018

downtown days

I haven't had this dress for very long, but I feel very comfortable writing that one thing every girl should have in their closet is a black t-shirt dress. You can do anything with them! Especially if you're someone who doesn't like to have think about what to wear, this is a great option. Once you have the dress, your other details will pull together so easily. My denim jacket and converse are two pieces that I've had forever and wear constantly, but I also think an embellished bootie [ I've had my eye on these ] with this cream moto jacket or a neutral handbag would be amazing for springtime! 

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! Mine turned into a 3-day weekend as I took a personal day on Friday. My dog was sick all last week and by Thursday, I was starting to feel run down from taking care of her, working, life...  But I'm so excited for this week! My co-worker's and I are doing a Valentine's Galentine's gift exchange and we're ordering pizza :) And there's another three day weekend for President's Day! 

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