Monday, February 19, 2018

about the fit

I was really unsure about this post, but I wanted to write it because I love sharing the things I love and I've been loving these bras. I had been struggling with bra fit for a while and part of that was going way too long without a fitting. As I'm on the smaller side, I was struggling to find the right fit that didn't gape or feel too big or feel unflattering overall.

I've collected Aerie's loungewear and basics for a while now, everything is so soft and delicate and my style. I love the joggers, chunky knits in the winter, bralettes, and easy tee's. And it's all in the best color palette's - navy, white, grays, blues, rust, blush...

Their bra's are so soft and have a delicate, pretty style. I really like the Sunnie Demi for everyday wear. It's a really great basic and they can under almost everything. There's a subtle push-up, which I prefer. And it's the softest ever. I bought both the grey and nude and both color variations are gorgeous. I think Aerie does that really well, their fabric and color way's always make you want to buy everything in every color.

I also bought the Summer Strapless in cream. Balconette style bra's are my fave. And I usually keep the straps on them, however I needed a strapless bra the other day and this one held up so well. It stayed in place and was really comfortable! The lace and mesh overlay on this bra with the scalloped edge is the best detail and I know I say this all the time, but it's so pretty.

For what it's worth:
1. Get a fitting; ask for a fitting and if you aren't doing so already, change into a t-shirt and a simple bra, like a demi / t-shirt bra. The store will give you one if you aren't wearing one. 

2. Be fitted in the actual fitting room. Seems like a no brainer. But I've seen people be fitting in the middle of a store and that's when they aren't taking into consideration what you're wearing and it's more hurried / less comfortable. Plus, it's not always the case, but if there's someone doing fitting's in the fitting room, chances are they're more seasoned at it than someone on the floor.

3. Before I got fitted, I grabbed a few bras in different sizes and tried them on to see what I liked. Then I was fitted and it turned out that the size I needed was what I liked most. So sometimes, you won't be too far off.

4. All bras are like this, but especially Aerie, hand washing / air drying is best. 

I have a small bucket that I fill with a little bit of cool water, add in some of this and then let them soak for 15 minutes before rinsing. I gently roll out the water with a thick towel and let them dry on a rack.

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