Monday, January 8, 2018


I've been wanting to do a lounge wear post for a while and since I spent the majority of this weekend in cozy clothes, it seems like the best time to share my favorite bits. Everyone has been getting sick around the office and I got it, too! I used to never get sick, but this is the second time this year; I think I need to spend more time outside. I was really hoping to feel better by Monday, but i feel like that's wishful thinking. If only it were acceptable to wear joggers and a fleecy sweatshirt to work... Anyway, I didn't veer very far from bed. I sort of just drank coffee and caught up with best friends who live so far away, and only left to grab a tea from Starbucks.

I found these joggers a couple of weeks ago and I love how soft they are! They're only $12 and worth the shipping/shopping trip if you decide you want them! I also bought these and the ruffled bottoms are so cute! If it's one thing I know, it's invest in things that make you feel a little more restful or even luxurious. Easy clothes that I can wear when I'm sick or just spending the weekend at home in are worth having and they almost relive stress! Also, jeans. I now feel the same way about denim because I don't get to wear it as often, so I almost crave wearing my favorite pair of jeans. 

The sweatshirt was a gift from my mom and I think I've worn it every weekend since Christmas. I'll link some similar options below!

graphic sweatshirts

[ similar ]

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