Wednesday, January 17, 2018

mixed materials

Full Disclosure: Most of my outfits photo sessions are planned out by outfit, but not this one. Prior to shooting, I did a HUGE shop at Zara and loved this dress so much that I through it on just to talk about. I love Zara. I always find so much that I can mix and match with the rest of wardrobe and I have equal amounts of work appropriate pieces and weekend wear. I think this dress could be either. It's the perfect 'throw on' dress. I literally did just that and added my favorite mules and felt put together. I sized up in this for length, but probably didn't need to. However I always feel more comfortable with a little more length when it comes to work pieces. Although, I did pick up the cutest mini skirt, but I think I'm going to pair it with black tights! Less exposure, the better.

I sadly couldn't link a couple of the things I bought. Searching Zara is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, so I always keep the tags and search by item number, but some things wouldn't come up!

I rarely walk into a store, grab a ton of clothing I love, and buy the majority of what I have in my arms. I normally shop online to avoid impulse buying. I add items to my cart and then sift through what I want and what I maybe should wait on before pulling the trigger. But this sale was so good and I left with things I love. Plus, I work in a 'business casual' office and I'm still building a wardrobe for that. I miss my denim more than ever, but I think part of that is due to not having enough options. I love having fun with what I'm wearing!

So here's what I got because the sale is still going on and there's still a ton left!

ribbed dress | love that it's mixed material! I sized up for length, but I also kinda love the slouchy, oversized look.
these shorts | I cannot wait for it to be warm / seasonally appropriate to wear them! So cute! Plus, I love Zara denim. [ size 34 ]
this tee | I love tee shirts, I feel like this will be so perfect for the weekends with great denim and a fun shoe! [ size s ]
a new cardigan | I have a million sweaters, but only one cardi, needed another in my closet! [size s ]
tweed mini | super short, but oh so fun! [ size s ]
the best dress | The easiest dress, but maybe my favorite? Everyone needs a simple black t-shirt dress! [size s ]
suede top | So pretty, super cropped! [ size m ]
the holy grail of shoes | AHHH! order these if they have your size! 

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