Monday, January 22, 2018

concrete jungle

 Four years ago, if someone told me I would eventually wear faux leather leggings I would've said no, not my style. Funny how the tables have turned, especially since I'm on my second pair and I wear them ALL the time. I really want the Spanx pair in navy, but I've been living in these from Express! I've talked about Express leggings before here, only I was wearing the moto style. Here I'm wearing the paneled version and I love both. I have a habit of throwing on a sweater + my favorite booties with these; I like to dress like I don't live in Florida because my office is a #tundra.

This sweater is from last year, but it's so good. It's the best weight and print. I don't have very many turtleneck's, but I love this one! Also, leopard print is forever, I really want a pair of leopard loafers! I used to have a pair of flats and I could just throw them on and my outfit was instantly complete. I haven't bought a pair since and I think my closet is missing them!

Sidenote, I've been watching so much Netflix lately, but I have the worst habit of just rewatching my favorite shows. Does anyone else do this? I think I just like to have background noise, so it's easier just to put on a random favorite. Show's on constant repeat? Gossip Girl, Parenthood, they removed Friday Night Lights... I know this because my friend actually texted me to let me know that they were removing it, so I could watch it one last time before it was gone. I'm the worst. 

However,  I started Riverdale and it's so good! Now I just need to finish it!

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