Monday, January 15, 2018

blue + sea

I think this is one of my favorite posts in a while, not because of the outfit, but because of the location. When I drive to and from work, I try to look for good spots for photos and there's a really pretty group of apartment complexes by the water and they're all modern, but each has their own style. A lot of them are colorful and interesting and I'm kind of dying to live in one now :) 

This weekend has been such a whirlwind. I LOVE weekends because they're a mix of busy with things that have to get done and quiet enough to let me recharge. I tried two new skincare products and I can't wait to share more about them later. I feel like I might do a post about unsuccessful products. I have quite a few that haven't worked for me and while it's been frustrating, I love finding new things that do work really well. I have the most sensitive skin and lately its been crazy. I'm still using many of the products from my last skincare post, but I'm trying this cleanser from Beauty Counter and this moisturizer from Tula. I think the more natural and light a product is, the happier my skin is and stays. 

I also shopped the major Zara sale going on right now and while I normally shop online to avoid impulse buying, I think I really happy with everything I bought. I'm going to share everything I bought later this week... but it's a lot. It was just so good, though! And there's still a couple of things I couldn't get in store... so an order might have to happen!

About this outfit. These pants are a dream. The fit is amazing. They stay in place, are SO flattering, hold their shape, and the color is the prettiest. I think I'm going to order them in a second color because I love wearing them to work. Loft pants are great because they come in two fits, the Julie and the Marissa. The Julie is for curves and the Marissa is for straighter figures. I need the Marissa. I have a pair of work pants in the Julie and while I love them, they don't keep their shape on me. They remain fitted in the waist, but become lose everywhere else. When I wear the Julie's, I treat them like a boyfriend chino and they're still super cute!

The scarf is also from Loft and I bought it because I wanted a light scarf to wear when I wanted a little warmth [ always cold ] but more of an accessory. It's super soft and it adds great dimension because of the contrasting sides. 

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