Wednesday, January 31, 2018

on my wishlist | zara #1

One of my biggest shopping habits is browsing through a site and adding all the things I want to the cart or wishlist. Then I either wait and go back to sift through what I actually want and what was an impulse add later. I try not to buy right away, I like to think through my purchases, but it gave me an idea to share my store wishlist's on here. I'm always and removing and they help me stay organized while shopping. I've had coworkers or friends ask me how I shop or make comments about how they hate shopping. I find it therapeutic. It helps that I love fashion, but i also love deciding what I need and then searching until I find exactly what I'm looking for. And I love helping friends find things, too!

here's what's in my zara cart! I'm loving the new arrivals!

1. black skinnies | love button fly denim!
2. belted blazer | with a mini skirt or jeans on the weekends!
3. navy bag | need a new bag!
4. bow heels | l.o.v.e.
5. platforms | I kinda want to try platforms!
6. pencil skirt | how fun is this skirt?!

I think I'm definitely going to order the skinnies and I LOVE those bow heels... 

What's on your wishlist?

Monday, January 29, 2018

in the red

It took me a really long time to start wearing lipstick. And I know I've mentioned that I prefer a minimal makeup routine [ and I do ] but I think think there's nothing prettier than dewy skin, voluminous lashes, and a red lip. I alternate between red and red / orange depending on what I'm wearing, but I almost always go for one of those two colors. Also, I don't know if it's just me, but I almost never wear lipstick to work. The most I do is a lip balm or oil. But I love wearing it on the weekend! I think it adds the best pop to casual weekend wear. And I work in an office where no one see's me, so do I want to waste a good red lip on that? 

Despite the boldness, I think there's a red out there for everybody. Harper's Bazaar made a video showing how Dior's 999 can work on everyone, even those who aren't sure about lipstick. There's a reason why it's a classic!

I normally have a rule of spending more money on the necessities, like a good tinted moisturizer and concealer and then mixing in drug store finds for things like mascara and lip color. I usually go through phases where I won't wear lip stick for long periods of time anyways, so what's the point of spending more when I can just get it for less? I do stand by this rule with the exception of the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils. I got a sample of one and not only was it red, but it was so good. 

Nars | Red Square
It's a red / orange and it goes on so smoothly. I wore this here! This is my favorite by far!

Nars | Cruella
More of true red and really pretty. Wearing it here!

Maybelline | Heroine
Warning: This doesn't move once it's on, but it's so good and the orange is truly orange. Don't be afraid to try it, though! I wore it here!

Revlon | Romance
I've had this color for a while, but I really like the color and how it dries. I have a few Revlon lip colors and they've always been good! I wore it here!

What's your favorite brand / shade / color?

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

white on red

I feel like I'm cheating on workwear Wednesday because I've kept it fairly consistent with the workwear posts and now I'm breaking it. But not really, because while I can't wear this outfit to work, I feel like with a less distressed pair of jeans, this would be the ideal work uniform. White button-up, denim, and the best shoes!

I love wearing white. I have so many white tops in my closet and whenever I don't know what I want to wear, I almost always end up in one of them. I got this white oxford for Christmas and it was after I had spent a lot of time trying on various white button-ups. I didn't want anything too fitted, but I also didn't want anything too oversized. I also didn't want it to be translucent. This one has thicker material and the fit is perfect. I got the small to have a little extra room. I just bought this belt and I love the dark green color! It's dark enough to blend, but it's still adding in some color. I also never talk about this bag even though I carry it all the time. I don't have anything else in that color, but it somehow works with so much of my wardrobe. And it's the perfect size for all the necessities. To make it more work appropriate, I can switch out the jeans for these or a black skirt!

I always think about what my wardrobe essentials are and I think a white button up is a given for everyone. If you work corporate, no brainer. If you don't, don't underestimate the chic and effortlessness that it brings an outfit. But I think block heels and a red/orange lip has to make the list because I wear the two constantly.

What's your ideal outfit?

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Monday, January 22, 2018

concrete jungle

 Four years ago, if someone told me I would eventually wear faux leather leggings I would've said no, not my style. Funny how the tables have turned, especially since I'm on my second pair and I wear them ALL the time. I really want the Spanx pair in navy, but I've been living in these from Express! I've talked about Express leggings before here, only I was wearing the moto style. Here I'm wearing the paneled version and I love both. I have a habit of throwing on a sweater + my favorite booties with these; I like to dress like I don't live in Florida because my office is a #tundra.

This sweater is from last year, but it's so good. It's the best weight and print. I don't have very many turtleneck's, but I love this one! Also, leopard print is forever, I really want a pair of leopard loafers! I used to have a pair of flats and I could just throw them on and my outfit was instantly complete. I haven't bought a pair since and I think my closet is missing them!

Sidenote, I've been watching so much Netflix lately, but I have the worst habit of just rewatching my favorite shows. Does anyone else do this? I think I just like to have background noise, so it's easier just to put on a random favorite. Show's on constant repeat? Gossip Girl, Parenthood, they removed Friday Night Lights... I know this because my friend actually texted me to let me know that they were removing it, so I could watch it one last time before it was gone. I'm the worst. 

However,  I started Riverdale and it's so good! Now I just need to finish it!

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wearing an xs

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

mixed materials

Full Disclosure: Most of my outfits photo sessions are planned out by outfit, but not this one. Prior to shooting, I did a HUGE shop at Zara and loved this dress so much that I through it on just to talk about. I love Zara. I always find so much that I can mix and match with the rest of wardrobe and I have equal amounts of work appropriate pieces and weekend wear. I think this dress could be either. It's the perfect 'throw on' dress. I literally did just that and added my favorite mules and felt put together. I sized up in this for length, but probably didn't need to. However I always feel more comfortable with a little more length when it comes to work pieces. Although, I did pick up the cutest mini skirt, but I think I'm going to pair it with black tights! Less exposure, the better.

I sadly couldn't link a couple of the things I bought. Searching Zara is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, so I always keep the tags and search by item number, but some things wouldn't come up!

I rarely walk into a store, grab a ton of clothing I love, and buy the majority of what I have in my arms. I normally shop online to avoid impulse buying. I add items to my cart and then sift through what I want and what I maybe should wait on before pulling the trigger. But this sale was so good and I left with things I love. Plus, I work in a 'business casual' office and I'm still building a wardrobe for that. I miss my denim more than ever, but I think part of that is due to not having enough options. I love having fun with what I'm wearing!

So here's what I got because the sale is still going on and there's still a ton left!

ribbed dress | love that it's mixed material! I sized up for length, but I also kinda love the slouchy, oversized look.
these shorts | I cannot wait for it to be warm / seasonally appropriate to wear them! So cute! Plus, I love Zara denim. [ size 34 ]
this tee | I love tee shirts, I feel like this will be so perfect for the weekends with great denim and a fun shoe! [ size s ]
a new cardigan | I have a million sweaters, but only one cardi, needed another in my closet! [size s ]
tweed mini | super short, but oh so fun! [ size s ]
the best dress | The easiest dress, but maybe my favorite? Everyone needs a simple black t-shirt dress! [size s ]
suede top | So pretty, super cropped! [ size m ]
the holy grail of shoes | AHHH! order these if they have your size! 

Monday, January 15, 2018

blue + sea

I think this is one of my favorite posts in a while, not because of the outfit, but because of the location. When I drive to and from work, I try to look for good spots for photos and there's a really pretty group of apartment complexes by the water and they're all modern, but each has their own style. A lot of them are colorful and interesting and I'm kind of dying to live in one now :) 

This weekend has been such a whirlwind. I LOVE weekends because they're a mix of busy with things that have to get done and quiet enough to let me recharge. I tried two new skincare products and I can't wait to share more about them later. I feel like I might do a post about unsuccessful products. I have quite a few that haven't worked for me and while it's been frustrating, I love finding new things that do work really well. I have the most sensitive skin and lately its been crazy. I'm still using many of the products from my last skincare post, but I'm trying this cleanser from Beauty Counter and this moisturizer from Tula. I think the more natural and light a product is, the happier my skin is and stays. 

I also shopped the major Zara sale going on right now and while I normally shop online to avoid impulse buying, I think I really happy with everything I bought. I'm going to share everything I bought later this week... but it's a lot. It was just so good, though! And there's still a couple of things I couldn't get in store... so an order might have to happen!

About this outfit. These pants are a dream. The fit is amazing. They stay in place, are SO flattering, hold their shape, and the color is the prettiest. I think I'm going to order them in a second color because I love wearing them to work. Loft pants are great because they come in two fits, the Julie and the Marissa. The Julie is for curves and the Marissa is for straighter figures. I need the Marissa. I have a pair of work pants in the Julie and while I love them, they don't keep their shape on me. They remain fitted in the waist, but become lose everywhere else. When I wear the Julie's, I treat them like a boyfriend chino and they're still super cute!

The scarf is also from Loft and I bought it because I wanted a light scarf to wear when I wanted a little warmth [ always cold ] but more of an accessory. It's super soft and it adds great dimension because of the contrasting sides. 

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

easily suede

I'm really excited about this outfit because I feel like it's a style that I've repeated for years. I don't know if I have a definitive style, like preppy or edgy or sporty. I think I definitely go through phases, I gravitate towards classic over trendy, and everyday can be different, but I have certain pieces that I consistently rely on. I've had these black Sole Society riding boots for years, I think I bought them in maybeee 2013? And they've been like an old friend ever since. I pull them out every fall / winter and they work with so many outfits! They are starting to show wear, so this year might be the last year for them.

This skirt, however, is a new addition to my closet and the quality is amazing. It's so soft and I love the shade of tan, kind of like a fawn color. I wore this skirt sans tights in the photos, but last week we had a cold front and I wore opaque black tights with it and it dressed it up. I wore the same shirt under a hot pink sweater, but I kinda wish I would've paired it with a chunky black knit

This flannel is another Express find and I love what they've been doing lately. Everything is so good. The flannel so soft and I've been wearing it under sweaters when I got to work and with boyfriend jeans on the weekends. I think it would perfect under a blazer with some loafers, too!

I plan on sharing a lot more here. I want to do a 'What I Got For Christmas,' favorite healthy snacks I take to work [ always snacking ], a skincare update, hair products, and maybe monthly favorites? I also want to start reading again, so I can share books, too!

As for skincare, my skin has been going crazy. I've tried some new products and haven't loved them. But I just ordered this and this! I cannot wait to share more about them, especially about the Beauty Counter; I think natural is going to be the best way to go for me.

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blush bag
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Monday, January 8, 2018


I've been wanting to do a lounge wear post for a while and since I spent the majority of this weekend in cozy clothes, it seems like the best time to share my favorite bits. Everyone has been getting sick around the office and I got it, too! I used to never get sick, but this is the second time this year; I think I need to spend more time outside. I was really hoping to feel better by Monday, but i feel like that's wishful thinking. If only it were acceptable to wear joggers and a fleecy sweatshirt to work... Anyway, I didn't veer very far from bed. I sort of just drank coffee and caught up with best friends who live so far away, and only left to grab a tea from Starbucks.

I found these joggers a couple of weeks ago and I love how soft they are! They're only $12 and worth the shipping/shopping trip if you decide you want them! I also bought these and the ruffled bottoms are so cute! If it's one thing I know, it's invest in things that make you feel a little more restful or even luxurious. Easy clothes that I can wear when I'm sick or just spending the weekend at home in are worth having and they almost relive stress! Also, jeans. I now feel the same way about denim because I don't get to wear it as often, so I almost crave wearing my favorite pair of jeans. 

The sweatshirt was a gift from my mom and I think I've worn it every weekend since Christmas. I'll link some similar options below!

graphic sweatshirts

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

black and navy


I try really hard not to make New Year's Resolutions because I just never follow through with them. I either forget about them or life gets in the way. But one thing I did want to work on was to continue making thoughtful content for this blog and to put outfits on here in a more timely manner. I've worn this dress a few times already and it's the easiest and best way to feel put together. I've been meaning to put it on here sooner, but other outfits just kept happening!

Navy and black is one of my favorite color combinations and I love wearing my go to black booties with this dress. It's such a classic and clean combination, I love wearing this to work when I want an effortless look [ perfect when I'm in a hurry ] or on the weekends when I want to wear my favorite things. Part of why I love this color story is because people always said don't pair navy and black together, it's one or the other. Or it was like some unspoken rule, kinda like no white after Labor Day or pairing black and brown. But I think this subtle contrast adds richness to an outfit. I just ordered this skirt in those colors and as soon as I exchange it for the correct size, I can't wait to wear it!

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Do you make New Year's resolutions?

Monday, January 1, 2018


Happy New Year's! To be honest, this is what I wanted to wear on New Year's eve... but plans got canceled. I'm always in between wanting to go out and being in pj's by 6:30 with Netflix going and pizza. 

But this outfit deserves a night out! The velvet tank was something I saw in Aerie as I was browsing and it was one of those things that I saw, loved instantly, and bought without thinking twice. As the most indecisive human ever, these types of purchases don't happen often, but it's so perfect. I knew it needed a jacket of some sort, especially because we're in a cold front right now! I've never tried a bomber before and this sequin one is so fun. Despite the sequins, I think I can get quite a bit of wear out of this! 

[ size ref: I sized up to a medium in the bomber and I love the looser fit for this kind of jacket! ]

I paired this with my most flattering jeans and favorite black booties. It felt kinda edgy and now I'm making plans for a night out with this outfit in the near future!

Anyway, happy 2018! I don't usually make resolutions because I'm the worst with following through, but this is definitely the year of curly hair and lots more outfits!

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