Wednesday, December 27, 2017

boxing day

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas! Ours was quiet, but the best because who doesn't love lounging in pj's all day after a big breakfast?! Two things to talk about in this post, these pants and my hair. I actually got these pants for Christmas. I sent my mom my Nordstrom wishlist and I forgot that these twill pants were on there. I always struggle with finding pants, partially because I love dresses more, but these are flattering and while I was drawn to the 'Mushroom' color, there's 5 more to choose from! 

I don't have a lot in brown, I love it, but I always buy grey or white or cream. However, so much will go with these! I went super neutral with a cream sweater today, but I also think my navy blazer and horse bit mules will be adorable for an equestrian-inspired look!

Also, I've been straightening my hair so much over the past several months and I love it, but I've also started to get some heat damage. I use a heat protectant but I think I need a different one. I've been using an oil as soon as I get out of the shower and I don't think it covers my whole head. Anyway, I've been going back to basics with my curls and I'll share more on what I'm using soon, but I want to give them more time! 

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