Wednesday, December 27, 2017

boxing day

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas! Ours was quiet, but the best because who doesn't love lounging in pj's all day after a big breakfast?! Two things to talk about in this post, these pants and my hair. I actually got these pants for Christmas. I sent my mom my Nordstrom wishlist and I forgot that these twill pants were on there. I always struggle with finding pants, partially because I love dresses more, but these are flattering and while I was drawn to the 'Mushroom' color, there's 5 more to choose from! 

I don't have a lot in brown, I love it, but I always buy grey or white or cream. However, so much will go with these! I went super neutral with a cream sweater today, but I also think my navy blazer and horse bit mules will be adorable for an equestrian-inspired look!

Also, I've been straightening my hair so much over the past several months and I love it, but I've also started to get some heat damage. I use a heat protectant but I think I need a different one. I've been using an oil as soon as I get out of the shower and I don't think it covers my whole head. Anyway, I've been going back to basics with my curls and I'll share more on what I'm using soon, but I want to give them more time! 

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017


I wanted to share this look a little earlier, but I've been the busiest lately. I'm actually wearing this exact outfit tonight to a Christmas party. My work is going on a dinner cruise and while the dress code is basically wear whatever you want, I just wanted an excuse to play dress up. 

I love this velvet midi skirt from Zara. It's perfect for a party and detail is amazing! I ordered it during the Black Friday sale and I couldn't wait to wear it! I paired it with a slouchy cropped sweater and I love the ease and coziness of this. I sort of wish it would snow here just for Christmas, because it would be perfect to wander around a snowy South Tampa in this outfit. I also think this outfit needs a heel, but no thank you, thank you. I'm always in a flat I think my navy pom pom's were kinda perfect. The clutch is vintage that I've had for years and I love getting to use it when I dress up! 

What kind of festive look do you love? Casual or dressy?

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Monday, December 18, 2017

pearly white

I'm such an outfit repeater on the weekend, like I love these boyfriend jeans so much that I wore them on both Saturday and Sunday. I think this stemmed from having such a strict work dress code, I love being creative with getting dressed to go to a corporate office, but it's also disheartening when you're someone who loves to get dressed and you have to stick to a certain way of dressing 5 days a week. However, I've been trying to bend the rules as much as possible. Leather leggings with blazers, silk tunics, and slouchy sweaters? Yes. Mixing prints and fun colors? Always yes. I can't be tamed.

But then the weekend comes around and I just want to wear jeans all day [ I miss them SO much because I can't wear them to work ] and all my favorite basics. When I shop, I usually buy a few things I can mix and match for work and then a few basic staples that I've been needing. I've been wanting to find a new white tee, one that was good quality and that would work with everything. I found this one at the Express sale and I really love it! It's so soft, not too thin, and I sized up to a medium so that I could tie it, but it would still be perfect with a blazer over it, or front tucked into high waisted skinny jeans! The best part? The pearls :) So subtle, but instantly more special. 

Express has been the best lately and I grabbed quite a bit when I went in there for one thing. A sweater for my office's holiday party this week [ more on that this week! ] 

A colorful + cozy flannel! I've already worn this and it's the coziest! I want all the colors!

Another pair of [ faux ] leggings! My first pair were the moto and I got the small and they slide, these have more leather, but I went with the xs and I'd say they're true to size.

go shop! :)

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

brand [ re ] love: j.crew

Do you ever feel like you've pulled away from a brand that you used to LOVE? I used to love J.Crew. The large majority or my closet was the brand and I felt like it was a brand that I would always love. I do still love it, but lately, I haven't been shopping there. I don't think there's any particular reason why, I just end up at other stores lately. Fun fact, I've been collecting J.Crew style guides for years! I have stacks starting from 2012 and I still love looking through them!  

I've been browsing the site lately and I really love their blazers. How amazing is this one?! I would love the camel! I've been adding to my everyday jewelry favorites and I love this pretty gold bracelet! I want a pair of leopard shoes and I've been seeing a lot of mules, but I think I'd rather have these block heels [ they're nearly sold out though! ] and I might actually order these pants for work, they're on sale and I love the grey!

 Are there any brands that you've been [ re ] loving lately?

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

winter walk

One basic I've been lacking in my closet? A long cardigan. I have no idea how because I'm always freezing, especially in my office, but I finally ordered this one during Black Friday and it's like wearing a blanket. It's so long and since my closet is filled with shorter jackets and blazers, I'll get so much wear out of it! It's perfect for warmth and it's also the best length for dresses, like this one and omg this one would be a dream! Just add your favorite pair of booties or a mule and done!

I also love it with my favorite black pants and a loose velour or velvet top. I wore this to work, so it's more casual, but you could easily swap the cardigan for a fun blazer or jacket and it would be an amazing holiday look! I've been loving this one! 

By the way, I found the top and bag at while browsing at T.J. Maxx the other day and I'll try to link some similar bags! My pom pom flats are nearly sold out, but I found some amazing similar options!

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Monday, December 4, 2017

oh christmas cactus

I've been excited for Christmas time since November 1st, but now that it's finally December, I want all the holiday things! I ordered some new pj's and thought the Christmas cactus' were super appropriate. My best friend's porch is so cute right now, they have cafe lights hanging around the perimeter of it with poinsettia's everywhere and little tea light candles placed in various mercury glass holders. I was obsessed as soon as I saw it and knew it would be the perfect place for photos, especially since we were out the night before and it was amazing. So cozy. Also, how adorable is that turquoise shed in the back? I know it doesn't quite match the typical red and green vibe, but I love that it represents the Florida winter and it matches the cactus, too! :)

The pajamas are thermal and they are so warm and cozy. They're fitted, but I'd say they run true to size, however I sort of wish I sized up in the top, just because I feel like looser is better when it comes to pj's.

I'm so excited for more winter nights with cozy pj's and hot chocolate and bff's! What are you favorite holiday things?


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