Friday, November 3, 2017

worth noting #1

This is a new series I've been thinking of adding on the blog. I'd been wanting to add a third post during the week because I felt like something was missing, but I wanted it to be more than just a 'here's what I'm wearing or here's what's on sale in case you missed it' but less of a full blown post. I would eventually like to get to where I can post more, but for now, this is where we're at.

'worth noting' is a compilation of a few sale items, some of what I've been loving / buying, and if there's anything else worth sharing, I'll include that here, too!

My favorite tee is still available here!

I just bought this necklace while shopping with my friend Bri on our lunch break and it's the perfect dainty detail!

This striped tee is everything. It's perfect for layering or you can just tuck it in with a skirt. It's also really long so you can wear it with leggings! 

Did you read the post where I talked ASOS scarves? I ordered this one along with a coat! The coat I ordered isn't too heavy, so I think it'll be perfect for the Florida winter!

One of my favorite sweaters is one sale! It also looks really cute of the shoulder!
Get it here!

I really want to order this velvet skirt for the holidays! 

Did you see this week's outfits? I'm so happy I bought these boyfriend jeans and I think this is one of my favorite work outfits yet!

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