Wednesday, November 22, 2017

grey lady

Florida is finally starting to cool down and even though it's mostly in the mornings, I'm so excited to wear this coat! I've just been throwing it on in the mornings to go to work and it's been perfect! When I was looking for a coat, I wanted something long, neutral, and nothing too heavy. I found this coat on ASOS and decided to try it. It's so soft and it's the prettiest shade of grey. I also love that it's not super expensive. I'll probably only get to wear this a handful of times / year and while I think this is a classic style that will stick around for years, it definitely looks more expensive than it was! If it's one element of style that's important to me, it's finding pieces that I'll wear for a long time!

Speaking of, I've been loving ASOS lately and that's also where this scarf came from! It's such a guilty pleasure to just spend forever browsing on that site, because the inventory is endless! 

By the way, I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving on Thursday!