Wednesday, November 29, 2017

miss sixties

If I had to choose a favorite time period to look back on for fashion inspiration, it would be the 1960's. It's one favorite era and I love mod style. The shorter hemlines, shift dresses, block heels. I love the juxtaposition of pairing riding boots with mini skirts, statement shoes with mini dresses, and color blocking!
I've had this white mini skirt for a few years now and it's still one of my favorite pieces in my closet. It has a zip of the entire front of the skirt, gold detailing, and black piping and I get so many compliments on it whenever I wear it! I think it's one of those things I'll keep for a long time because every time I pull it out, it never disappoints. I bought it because it felt so 1960's to me and I wore it with my favorite block heeled booties and a short sleeved sweater. I loved this simple monochromatic look. However, I also love wearing it with it with a chunky sweater and riding boots when it's colder outside!

I love that fashion is constantly repeating itself because there is so much goodness that comes from years past. And I love bringing some of my favorite aspects into my own wardrobe. What's your favorite fashion era? What trend do you love to wear?

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Monday, November 27, 2017

the best black bean burger

Happy Cyber Monday! I know a food post is abnormal coming from someone who normally posts outfits and this is prime holiday gift guide / sale sharing time, but there is so much of that every where and I've been eating these black bean burgers for the past three days now... So I thought I'd share 'em!

And they are so. good.

I'm not a vegetarian, but I don't like to eat a lot of meat. And honestly I could probably be a vegetarian, but I could never give up Chick-fil-a (I know). I picked up these burgers [ Publix always has them, Target doesn't yet ] and was surprised by how much flavor they have! I've actually started to prefer them over regular burgers! With all the seasonings and ingredients, I hardly add any toppings to them! I usually just top it off with some romaine lettuce and cheese [ I used iceberg above, because that was all I had today! ] Adding some avocado would be amazing, too! 

They're healthy and so easy to make. You can also eat them in a variety of ways, I typically eat them like a typical burger, but you could also eat it in a bowl with some romaine, cheese, avacado, tomato... Whatever you want!

I added some veggie straws [ I'm so addicted to those, too ] and it was the perfect lunch!

[ similar ]

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

grey lady

Florida is finally starting to cool down and even though it's mostly in the mornings, I'm so excited to wear this coat! I've just been throwing it on in the mornings to go to work and it's been perfect! When I was looking for a coat, I wanted something long, neutral, and nothing too heavy. I found this coat on ASOS and decided to try it. It's so soft and it's the prettiest shade of grey. I also love that it's not super expensive. I'll probably only get to wear this a handful of times / year and while I think this is a classic style that will stick around for years, it definitely looks more expensive than it was! If it's one element of style that's important to me, it's finding pieces that I'll wear for a long time!

Speaking of, I've been loving ASOS lately and that's also where this scarf came from! It's such a guilty pleasure to just spend forever browsing on that site, because the inventory is endless! 

By the way, I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving on Thursday!

Monday, November 20, 2017

warm and cozy

I bought these furry mules the other day and I've hardly taken them off. They are so cozy. My feet are always freezing, so even though I have a similar pair with the faux fur, I'll definitely get so much wear out of these, too! I've also had a slight obsession with horse bit adorned anything for years, I think that's mostly due to being an equestrian, but also for Gucci. While I don't have anything Gucci yet, I'll settle for similar.

Speaking of, I've been slowly making a list of luxury items that I'd like to save for and [ eventually ] purchase and the classic Gucci horse bit loafer has been a longtime item on my list. I think they get better with age, are worth they're value, and are a classic piece that will get plenty of wear.   

I originally had another post planned for today, but I wanted to show an easy Thanksgiving / holiday outfit and I think this one is a great option! I wear this long sleeve tee whenever I want something super casual yet cute without having to overthink. I think it's the stripes that do it. I love a striped tee. And this bauble scarf makes the best statement but it's also really warm alone, so it's very practical for a cooler day. My favorite frayed jeans + the mules and I think this is what I could be wearing on Thanksgiving as my family keeps things very casual!

[ similar ]

What luxury item would you love to have? // What are your Thanksgiving plans?

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

under the oaks

I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week! Time has definitely gotten away from me. On one hand, ever since it turned November, I've been so happy for Christmas time. I love this time of year! But on the other hand, I have no idea how it's November already!

Speaking of time, the last time I wore this skirt on the blog was here. It was July and I paired it with a lace top and tan flats. Perfect for a summer! This time I added a cozy sweater and the most fun flats! I love this color combo. Navy + mauve / blush + plum + oatmeal. It's one of my favorites!

These flats are under $25, but they are in the prettiest shade of navy and the pom pom is not only fun, but gives the simplest outfit a little more zhuzh! I have a tendency to keep my accessories minimal, but I love wearing a bold shoe or a colorful bag as my statement piece. Shoes are also one of my favorite things to shop for! I just want a really, really big closet one day FULL of them! 

[ not plaid, but a beautiful pink floral ]

Monday, November 13, 2017

flora in fall

I wore this outfit to run errands on Saturday and I kinda loved it. Work has been wearing on me a bit, not complaining, but it's been so busy! Monday - Friday, I kind of just go through the motions, not really having time or energy for much more. I crave the weekends for rest and taking things slowly and outfit photos, of course. One of my favorite things to do on Saturday is go to Target and get Starbucks. It's the simplest thing, but it makes me so happy to wander around and sip on a toasted white chocolate mocha [ my new favorite! ] I ended the night with movies and queso with my best friend. It was perfect.

I love having easy blouses / popovers / tunics in my closet because it's so easy to feel put together, yet comfortable without trying too hard. I saw this floral one and ordered it instantly. I love the print and it's even prettier in person. I have a mossy green field jacket [ like this! ] that I can throw on with it when it gets cooler. 

I cuffed my jeans and wore my favorite flat booties from last year. I feel like the warm cognac color popped and added some light to the outfit since everything else was a bit on the darker side. I also really love the mixing of material on these booties, it draws a little more attention to them and makes them a little more special.

[ similar ]

[ in deep plum ]

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What's your favorite way to relax on the weekend?

Friday, November 10, 2017

worth noting #2

Happy Friday [ night ]! I thought this night would never get here and all I want to do is curl up in bed and watch Christmas movies. But here are a few things worth noting...

If you saw Monday's post, than you know that I want to try to wear more hats. Especially this one!

I just got these shoes and I'm so excited to wear them! I think they'll be perfect for the holidays, but also for adding something extra to an outfit!

This coat. I really needed a coat. Or some form of warm for when [ read: if ] it ever gets cold here. Even if it's only for a day because I just can't do freezing. But I didn't want anything too heavy. This Asos coat is perfect. Soft, great quality, and the best price. I'll tell you more about it later.

I wrote about scarves a while ago and decided on this one!

I've been wearing these little bow studs almost everyday!

I have a holiday party coming up next month and of course I'm outfit planning... I'm thinking this skirt!

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

sugar and spice

I bought this sienna brown sweater last fall, wore it all the time, then put it away when it got too warm to wear it. When I pulled out my sweaters for fall I was so happy to see this one! I still love it! It's a classic but with interesting details. And I don't have a lot in this color, but now I want all the chestnut sweaters because it looks so great with so much.

Express brought this sweater back this year, just in different colors! But I'm going to link different sweaters in the same hue below! 

I decided to show two different ways to wear this sweater. I wore it with jeans, perfect for the weekend or if you're lucky enough to be able to wear jeans to work, I'm jealous. And then I dressed it up and made it workwear appropriate. I also get questioned at work about how I pull off my leggings and this is how. I dress 'em up! 

the casual | This sweater looks so good with lighter colored denim. I wore it with my boyfriend jeans and I unrolled them to give them more of a straight leg feel. I really liked this easy look. I added the booties that I now wear with everything and an oxblood bag. I felt like fall in an outfit. The booties and the jeans are pieces that I interchange all the time, but they work with almost everything in my closet. And that Kate Spade bag is the best color pop for fall. I love pulling it out!

the dressed up | Since the sweater does have side slits, I paired a lace top underneath for both modesty and to dress it up. But I love how layering it up a bit makes it more fun as well as professional! This is how I get to wear my leggings without looking more like work from home and less like suit and tie. Anytime I want to wear them, I add a silky tunic, a heel, or texture to make them appear put together. Layering is key. Also, I always buy leggings that are a thicker material, such as ponte and I really want a leather pair! 

the casual

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the dressed up

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lace top
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what are your favorite ways to style a sweater?

Monday, November 6, 2017

at the market

 This weekend we went to a farmer's market in Hyde Park. It was really cute, but so crowded. I think we might have been there for thirty minutes before leaving that craziness. It was so fun to see everyone with their dogs and there were so many different vendors - not just fruits and vegetables! There were succulents for sale and food and honey  wine! But since it only happens once a month, the early bird gets the worm and we rolled in late afternoon. 

We found a quiet area to take some photos because I wanted to show you this top. I knew I needed more long sleeve tops in my closet. I have blouses, but not a lot of tops. I've been loving this one! It's so soft and I love the oatmeal color. I think we've already addressed that I love whites / creams / neutrals too much, but I can't help myself. I love the pretty beige color against the dark denim and red shoes. I also kind of want to order it in blue, too!

These jeans are new and so far I've been loving them! My denim collection needed a revamp and I finally feel like I've got a good collection now. I wanted one pair with no distressing, but a simple dark denim and this pair from Loft one out! They fit so well and have a classic look that I love for days when I don't want a ton of distressing.

Also, I accessorized more than normal today and I'm slightly obsessed with hats now. I have a bobble head and normally hats are hard to fit. Does anyone have this problem? But I ordered this hat from the Nordstrom sale last winter and I loved wearing it today! It gave my outfit something extra without feeling unnecessary. I have a tendency to hate anything that's too fussy. But this hat will be on repeat!

[ similar ]

[ similar ]

[ similar ]
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I'm slightly dreading tomorrow, does anyone else get the Sunday scaries? I just don't want the weekend to end! But, I started a new series, worth noting on Friday night! I'm really excited to keep adding to it! 

see you wednesday!

Friday, November 3, 2017

worth noting #1

This is a new series I've been thinking of adding on the blog. I'd been wanting to add a third post during the week because I felt like something was missing, but I wanted it to be more than just a 'here's what I'm wearing or here's what's on sale in case you missed it' but less of a full blown post. I would eventually like to get to where I can post more, but for now, this is where we're at.

'worth noting' is a compilation of a few sale items, some of what I've been loving / buying, and if there's anything else worth sharing, I'll include that here, too!

My favorite tee is still available here!

I just bought this necklace while shopping with my friend Bri on our lunch break and it's the perfect dainty detail!

This striped tee is everything. It's perfect for layering or you can just tuck it in with a skirt. It's also really long so you can wear it with leggings! 

Did you read the post where I talked ASOS scarves? I ordered this one along with a coat! The coat I ordered isn't too heavy, so I think it'll be perfect for the Florida winter!

One of my favorite sweaters is one sale! It also looks really cute of the shoulder!
Get it here!

I really want to order this velvet skirt for the holidays! 

Did you see this week's outfits? I'm so happy I bought these boyfriend jeans and I think this is one of my favorite work outfits yet!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

windy city

I'm writing this post on Halloween and I feel like this is the least Halloween-y outfit ever. However, I hope everyone had a great Halloween! I stayed in and went to bed early #grandma. 

I have a lot to tell you about this outfit. This skirt is amazing. I actually have it in black and I wear it ALL the time, so I decided to buy it in the green herringbone, too! It's so comfortable and soft. This material is even softer! I loved wearing it to work, so comfy! It's also really flattering. The flutter at the bottom has the best twirl and I love how it moves, that is when it's not super windy like it was when these photos were taken. I seriously felt like I was going to blow away! Anyway, the texture adds interest and this shade of green is great for fall and winter. I really want to pair hot pink with it, too! And crisp white, but I loved it with the light grey cami I just got!

The shoes. I've been looking for black booties for a while. I wanted a boot with a bit of edge and I love a pointed toe. I found these and ordered instantly. They have a chunky heel, pointed toe, and have sleek style that's flattering on the leg. I'm obsessed. So far I've worn these booties with dress pants, jeans, and skirts and they've been the easiest way to incorporate some edge to my both my work and everyday outfits. Honestly I've also been coveting over the knee boots for a really long time, but living in Florida, how practical are they?

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blazer [ old ]
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