Wednesday, October 18, 2017

sweater weather

This white skirt is one of my favorite's and I've worn it on the blog previously, in this post here. I try to wear my clothes year round and I knew this skirt would be perfect with a chunky sweater for fall/winter. It's also great for work. In the last post, I showed how to style it for day/night, but now I'm more focused on the season and making it work appropriate.

I found this sweater at Nordstrom and grabbed it quickly as I was checking out not thinking too much about it. Then when I got home I started having second thoughts. I have so much cream and why don't I ever buy other colors? I have so many neutrals. Do I need another neutral sweater? Probably not. But will this be the last one. Also no.

Obviously I didn't return it and it's because it's so soft and the color is more beige than cream and it's a great wear with anything sweater. Like how cute would it be with simple skinnies and and a loafer? It's happening.

[ comes in 5 other colors! ]

[ only a couple of sizes left ]



[ similar ]

This Friday, I'm heading to Ocala for part of the weekend and then Sunday I'm going to a Fall festival (hopefully)! I'm so excited to see horses and visit friends! I can't believe it's been 5 years since I've lived there and my life is so different now!

see you monday!

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