Monday, October 16, 2017

look what you made me dough

Earlier this week at work, someone mentioned that there was a cookie dough stand and I immediately knew what I wanted to do this weekend. I love cookie dough sometimes more than the actual cookies and now there's dedicated places that serve it. it's amazing. And so cute!

We went to The Happy Dough and it was the cutest little stand that served cookie dough in a variety of flavors! I got the standard chocolate chip, but the cookies & cream also looked amazing! And it was served in colorful cups with matching spoons! Fun tip about the spoons: you can save them and use them for yogurt or ice cream, too! I have a friend who would ask for a bunch of them whenever we'd go for frozen yogurt and then we'd just always have some! They're the best for snacks! 

What I wore:
I posted a photo of this sweater on instagram when I first wore it, but I wanted to talk more about it. Because I'm obsessed. It's SO soft. I love when wearing things like this. When they're so soft and cozy, yet acceptable for the public. It slouchy and oversized, but cropped, so it's balanced. The bow adds a playful detail that dresses it up and makes it more than just another cream sweater in my closet. Because there are a few. Although one does have a cat on it... However if you don't have a cream sweater obsession, there are other colors, look at that red one!

Once agaim, it's still in the omg I'm about to be a puddle because of this heat temps, so I paired the sweater with shorts for survival purposes and because I loved them together. 

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see you wednesday :) 

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