Monday, October 23, 2017

fall on the farm

This weekend, we went to a big fall festival in Bradenton and it was amazing! I've been to a couple of fall fest's before and they were a bit underwhelming, but this was huge! Colorful pumpkins, fair food, live music, a train running through a corn maze, a petting zoo, games... My favorite part was the butterfly tent. There was a giant tent filled with plants and butterflies! When you went in, you were surrounded by them fluttering everywhere! They also gave you these little plastic pieces that looked kind of like matchsticks; the butterflies would crawl onto them and then you could get a closer look or take photos! It was amazing!

Also amazing? This sweater. It makes people take a notice, I feel. Possibly because it's hot pink, but also because look at the sleeves on this thing. I wore this around a fair ground where I ate pizza and was petting cute farm animals and I can honestly say that this is not a fussy sweater. It's billowy and free, but not obnoxious and it's cropped length keeps everything balanced. I also wore this to get ice cream the night before [ #outfitrepeater ] and it was perfect for a breezy night. It's also SO WONDERFULLY SOFT. Like blanket soft and that's a win. I kind of love the cropped length, too. Living in Florida, or the south in general, means that fall is still hot AF, so pairing sweaters with cut-off's is often my go to and cropped sweaters are perfect for that.

[ sizing ref: I'm wearing my normal size and it's roomy. If you size up, it would be ots and that would also be really cute! ]

However, to make it work appropriate [ which I totally plan to do! ] I just bought this skirt and I think it would be perfect with it! I love hot pink and dark green! 

[ similar ]

[ color is fuchsia fusion ]

what's your favorite fall activity? 

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