Wednesday, October 25, 2017

all wrapped up

As I'm writing this, I'm in bed with a really bad cough and sinus problems - an issue I deal with every year when the season changes! So I thought I'd talk about scarves today! I frequently go through clothes and give away or sell what I no longer want or wear. I did this a few weeks ago with my scarves and realized that I really need to updated my collection. I bought this scarf a while ago from Zara and I love it. I don't have anything else like it and it's oversized and really fun! Now I want something more neutral that goes along with my everyday color palette. 

I was browsing on ASOS, I always love going on there as long as I have an idea of what to look for because while there's SO much to look at, you can find really amazing things!

1. long + color blocked | I love that this is neutral color blocked! It will go with everything, but is such a statement piece. And it looks SO warm!

2. knitted with baubles | I think this my favorite of the bunch! It's so fun and it would look great with a longer trench or cocoon coat or even with a shorter moto jacket if you wrapped it around your neck once!

3. checked | the most colorful of them all, but I think this would pair well with so many colors and I think it would be especially amazing with a camel coat and black booties!

4. blush with tassels | I consider blush a neutral. I constantly wear it and I think it pairs well with most colors. Olive. Camel. Black. White. Navy. Light Blue. Taupe. Alllll the colors. I'm tempted with this one because I just threw away a blush scarf that I wore into the ground. Literally, it had a hole in it. Best H&M find ever.

5. cream + brown | this one is so simple, but I really like it! How pretty would it be with a colorful top or flannel? Perfect for fall! Also, it's similar to the first one, but not as long or heavy!

what are you shopping for right now!?

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