Monday, September 18, 2017

my hair story

If it's one aspect about me that has evolved over the years, it's my hair. I have naturally curly hair and my curls and I haven't always seen eye to eye. We've come along way and I eventually grew to love them, I used to wish I had straight hair because I thought it was prettier, simpler. But it's all about knowing how to style them. It was my best friend's mom and Taylor Swift who taught me that.

I know that my hair is straight now, but my curls have changed over the years, they've become loose and wavy and I can't get the curl to happen like it used to. I also prefer having shorter hair that I only need to add heat to two or three times a week. It's just easier right now. The longer it gets, the heavier it is and I just can't deal. I have the thickest hair and there's seriously enough for 10 people!

What sparked this idea to write this post was a little girl I overheard at the salon I go to. I got there early and was sitting in the waiting room when I heard my stylist trying to figure out how to turn a 9 year old girl's short boy cut into a more stylish pixie cut. Why did this poor girl have a boy cut? I don't know, there was a good reason, but I missed out on that part of the convo. But the reason for Chrissy (my stylist) trying to make it better was because the little girl was being made fun of at school. I instantly felt bad for this girl and I could also completely relate to her. I've never had a pixie cut. But I have been made fun of for my hair and I've also not known how to fix it. 

I didn't get to meet that girl, but I hope she know's that bad hair days come and go. But it's hair and it can always change. I also hope she know's that this elementary school moment won't last and there's bigger and better things to look forward to.

My hair has evolved along with me. As much as I've hated certain moments, I had to learn how to love my curls, how to style them. Even though I'm choosing not to wear my hair like that now, I can easily go back. And I've had countless frizzy, bad hair days, made the wrong hair cut choice because I wanted to look like my favorite celebrity, and honestly humidity cannot be helped but it's lethal. I also had black hair for a moment thanks to a bad dye job. [ do NOT let your bff dye your hair when your 17 and have no idea what you're doing! ] I used to dread my hair, now I just go with it. I'm still not an expert with my hair, I'm still figuring it out, but just like style evolves, hair does, too. I also had to accept the hair that I have and stop wishing that I had someone else's. 

There were moments in the airport where my hair was patted down. #omg And in the doctor's office when two nurse's thought my hair was a wig. #eyeroll And there were moments where I was well into my twenties and I thought the comments revolving around my hair were done. But they happened, too.

But the chances of going bald are slim to none. ;)

I've tried so many products, but here are my current favorites!

I only wash my hair twice a week, so this dry shampoo revives my third day hair! And it's tinted!

Since I do use heat on my hair, can it dry it out, but it needs a protectant. This goes on wet and keeps my hair moisturized and protected from heat!

This stuff is amazing! I put it on before I blow dry and omg helps to smooth out my hair and keep it really soft! It also adds weight, which is good for someone with frizzy and wavy hair.

Even if I use conditioner in the shower (sometimes I skip because less scalp buildup, TMI I know) I still use this after because it's nourishing and it smells so good!

Instead of using my standard paddle brush, I switched to a wide tooth comb and I've noticed less breakage in my hair.

I've had this one for years and it's been great! I've also dropped it and it still works well.

I got this nume for $15 on a Black Friday whim and it's been the most amazing purchase! It straightens quickly and heats up so well! Best $15 spent.   

see you on wednesday with a new workwear post!

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