Monday, September 25, 2017

my clarisonic

I've written about skincare before when I wrote about my skincare routine, but I left out one crucial step to keeping my clear. My clarisonic. I've had mine for nearly 5 years now and I got it when I was out of ideas and desperate for clear skin. Now I fall in and out of a routine with it, but I always end up going back and I always love the results.

In the beginning, I needed it to clear my breakouts and I kept a strict schedule of using it every other day. Using it everyday was too harsh for my sensitive skin, so every other day (about 3-4 days a week) with a gentle cleanser ended up being my key to better skin. 

While I still get the occasional spot, I mostly reach for my clarisonic when I want to deep clean my skin. Even though I thoroughly remove my makeup every night, the clarisonic makes my skin feel so clean and smooth. One of the biggest differences I noticed when I wasn't using it was how my skin felt. It didn't feel as smooth, almost as if my cleansers and masks were just cleaning the surface. So I started using my clarisonic again and I've noticed the biggest difference! Much smoother and softer.

I have the Mia 1 and either use the sensitive skin or acne brush heads.

I know it's a bit of an investment, but I highly recommend getting!

Another quick mention. Sheet masks. I've had the driest skin lately and it seems like it's just getting drier. I'm obsessive with moisturizer and SPF, so I feel like I may need to change my products ( I typically don't have dry skin, but #skinchange). However, twice a week, I've been doing hydrating and exfoliating sheet masks to try and put moisture back into my skin. It started with grabbing these masks at Target just to try for fun and I've continued to buy them! They've been really soothing and give my skin back some of the moisture its lacking!

hydrate . exfoliate . deep hydration [ not a sheet mask, but want to try ].

see you wednesday!

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