Friday, September 8, 2017


I normally love living in Florida, the sunshine, Gulf coast, lifestyle, and I've always felt lucky to live here since moving when I was a child. But hurricanes are the one exception. I feel like everyone feels like this, but these monstrous storms are terrifying to me. 

Since we're not in south Florida and we're not near the water, we're not evacuating, but I'm wishing / hoping / praying that everything turns out ok for us and everyone.

I've stocked up on the essentials (my favorite dark chocolate covered pretzels and cookies) as well as a magazine and comfy pj's. 

[ what I've been loving ]
have them in 'livin it up + navy - they are the comfiest and so silky.

got this in dusty pink and it's so pretty and dainty. I can't wait to wear this with oversized sweaters!

favorite. candle. ever. It actually smells like hot chocolate and it makes me so happy that they brought it back this season!

[ what I've been wanting ]
prepping for fall.

sassy sweatshirts
I love cute loungewear, I mean, see above.

Even though I'm talking about clothes and my favorite things, I hope everyone stays safe and prepared for Irma.

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