Monday, August 21, 2017

local gem

This weekend, instead of wandering around South Tampa or gravitating towards the water, I went to a local shopping center that's actually so cute and makes you feel like you're in Stars Hollow (hello, Gilmore Girls) or a really cute little seaside town. Without the sea. It has businesses, doctor offices, banks, but then it also has restaurants, a grocery store, Starbucks, and various other shops. All so cute. This is going to sound strange, but you should see the liquor store!

I posted a try-on session on my insta-stories and these shorts were featured. I love them! They're so comfy, perfect for weekending, but there's a dressiness to them. I think that's what I look for most in clothing. Can I dress it up? I love being comfortable, but I also need to feel put together. That's when I feel most confident. Overdressed > underdressed. 

[ the shorts are full-price online, but I found them on clearance in store! ]

I wanted a soft and feminine look so I paired the shorts with an eyelet top and my new sandals that I've been wearing nonstop. I just picked them up at Target (do you see a trend here?) but I can't find them online yet. However, I couldn't recommend them more, so go check your store! I love the mauve with the blue and my plum bag and blush sunnies are fun compliments. By the way, I bought this Kate Spade bag last winter and it's easily one of the best purchases I've made. It's great quality, beautiful, and the plum surprisingly goes with more than you'd think.

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these are similar, but I'll link the 
exact when I find them!

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see you wednesday!

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