Wednesday, August 23, 2017

knot it

This white skirt has been on the blog before because it's actually a dress. Proving to be worth its weight in gold, its so twirly and unfussy, I can't go wrong whenever I slip it on. It's a tried and true fact that the LBD is timeless, a closet necessity. But I would argue that a LWD is just as important, for me it's probably more so as I gravitate toward light over dark.

[ see it styled differently here! ]

I'm still building up my corporate wardrobe. It's taking time because a. budget and b. I only want to buy pieces that have a dual purpose and that I genuinely love. This white dress has saved me time and time again by allowing me to wear it in so many different ways. The first time? I threw a blazer on with it. Classic + simple. This time, I layered a chiffon popover over it and knotted it to give it definition and turned it into a skirt. I'm not exactly reinventing the wheel here, but this dress falls so nicely and I instantly loved the look!

Taking the time to slowly build my workwear up has made me experiment more and while I wore this to work, I feel like it works just as well for a cute fall weekend look, too. Because, you know, fall is approaching and throwing a popover over a summer dress is a great way to be seasonally appropriate.

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see you next week!

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