Monday, August 7, 2017

garden party

Right now the only way to survive being outside is to find shade when possible because it's either crazy hot or raining. I will take this heat over cold weather any day, but holy moly. We found this cute little park and it was so quiet and shady and perfect for picnicking, playing with your dog, or bringing your book and reading for a little while!

This top. It's from Zara and it's dreamy. It's like wearing a fairy garden as a top. It's tulle. It's flowy and moves in the best way. And the embroidery is so pretty. I loved how it looked paired with some easy boyfriend shorts and red flats! The embroidery has so many colors in it, it would look amazing with deep blue shoes as well! I can't wait to wear it again and into the fall with jeans! I think I'll also wear it to work, maybe with a pencil skirt? For a statement top, it's so versatile!

there's also this one and this one!

1 . 2 . 3

1 . 2


see you wednesday!

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