Wednesday, July 19, 2017

starting yoga

I am not the most active person, nor am I athletic, coordinated, or motivated to take time out of my day to go a gym and work out for any given amount of time. I know that sounds negative or bad, but I used to be a horseback rider. I would spend hours riding horses or doing barn chores and I think part of the reason why I not only loved it, but continued with the sport for so long, was because I was outside and I could always relax more with the open space.

I stopped riding because I was no longer working at a barn and I was going to school for graphic design in Savannah. But honestly if I wasn't riding, I really wasn't doing anything else active wise.

I had been wanting to try something. I started getting migraines about halfway through school and it was suggested to do something active, but I had no idea where to start or what I wanted to do, so nothing ever really stuck. Fast forward to this past May and my friend Lori and I were talking about yoga. We decided to try Yoga with Adrienne's Revolution playlist. It's 31 days of daily 30 minute videos and people of any level can do it! It was amazing! 

And I actually stuck to it. I think part of it was having someone to do it with. Everyday, Lori and I would text, call, or even snapchat when we would start or end yoga. Just doing gave us something to look forward to, but it also made sure we did it! 

This is youtube. I do yoga on my own time, alone, outside by my pool. Just being able to take the stress out of having to make it to a class or not having to go to a gym automatically makes me more willing to workout more. I love doing yoga by my pool. It's so quiet and calm and I either do it in the morning if I have time or in the evening after work. No pressure.

Letting go of the guilt. This may sound strange, but doing yoga has helped me to have a better perspective about food. My body has changed a lot over the past couple of years and recently I've really had a hard time keeping weight on. And I try really hard to be healthy. But I always carried this feeling of guilt if I ate fast food or unhealthy food too much or too many days in a row and it was always such a battle to balance that. But doing yoga has made me feel so much more calm about what I eat in a day. I'm still healthy the majority of a time, but I don't feel so bad when I want pizza or cookies every now and again :)

Strength. I've already gained a little bit of muscle tone and it's only been a little over a month. My goal is to be able ride horses again one day soon and yoga is definitely helping to build my strength back up. Thank you downward dog and all the planking/lunges/squats.

I cannot wait to keep going! I think I'm going to do Yoga Camp next! I highly recommend Yoga With Adrienne, she has videos for every situation and she explains things well! 

[ my yoga wishlist! ]

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