Monday, July 24, 2017

coming up rosy

I really want to share more of my work outfits on here because I'm in workwear the majority of the time. And I don't mind it. I work in a corporate office where it's business at all times and I've never experienced that before, so it's been fun. One thing that I've been doing is figuring out to take pieces from my closet that may not typically fit the business appropriate bill and make 'em work. More on that next week. Another thing is color. Pink is my favorite color and while it'd be a rarity to find me in all black, it's quite common to see me in mostly blush.

I found this pencil skirt and i knew it would be a versatile piece in my closet because I can wear it with cream or white, maybe a blush top and how pretty would taupe be? And I also just got a burgundy striped blouse that I would pair with it because this is a good skirt to mix prints with! Even though business attire isn't my everyday ( no cut-off's or unicorn tee's ) I never wear anything just to be work appropriate, I always like what I wear and feel like myself. And I try to buy things I can intermix with other clothes, loose blouses, fun dresses, and neutral sweaters!

I drive through downtown Tampa everyday and I always admire this rose gold building. It's actually the Wells Fargo building, but it's the best shade of rose and was the perfect backdrop for this outfit. I was so nervous to do outfit photos downtown because omg all the people. But it wasn't so bad. The key is to find a quiet area and if cars are driving, which is inevitable because Tampa is busy, just ignore and keep going! 

My glasses and exact loafers (the first pair) are linked below. The skirt came from Ann Taylor Outlet, but I linked some similar options, as well as some blush totes and chiffon tops!

see you on wednesday!

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