Monday, July 31, 2017

brick & blush

One thing I struggle with is pants. Finding dress pants that fit well that is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. If I had my way, I would order these Vince trousers and call it a day. I've heard that Vince is the best for fit and I love well tailored pants with a skinny ankle. 

I ended up walking into Loft and trying on every dress pant option they had. I ended up with these. They fit well, everywhere. They're a skinny fit with a cropped ankle, which is preffered. Although I would like to try a flare. And they come in new colors each season, which I love as I honestly don't wear a lot of black, I'll get so much more wear out of navy or grey. 

[ loft has 2 fits. the julie, which is the curvy fit and the marissa, which is the modern fit. I thought I would prefer the marissa, but these are the julie and they fit well! I wore them to work and they held their shape all day. I think I would definitely need the marissa for denim, though. ]

I paired the pants with this t-shirt. It's just a simple v-neck, but I added my favorite blush blazer, a string of pearls, and block heels. My office is freezing, so I wear this blazer maybe twice a week and it's perfect. It's suede, but I feel like the light shade makes it summertime acceptable and it keeps me warm throughout the day. It also pairs well with all neutrals. If I wear a heel, it's almost always a chunky heel and texturized in someway. I love suede, velvet, mixed textures... It's a fun element to add to an outfit! And the pearls are costume jewelry given to me by my mom and I've worn them with everything from t-shirts to dresses.

These things made a simple white tee work appropriate. I love dressing up, but somedays working a bit of comfy and cute into the mix is necessary.

1 . 2

1 . 2
[ the first one doesn't have white online, but check in store! ]

1 . 2 . 3

suede block heels
1 . 2  . 3


see you wednesday!

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