Wednesday, June 28, 2017

my favorite smoothie recipe

I'm addicted to smoothies! I drink one everyday after yoga (more on that soon!) and I love finding new recipes and making them at home. One of the reasons why I started making them was because I needed something extra throughout the day, they give me back a lot of the energy that yoga takes away! And if you're someone who craves sweets (so guilty), a smoothie is a healthier alternative and it curbs the cravings! They're also the perfect snack or addition to lunch, depending on what's added and how filling it will be! 

I got The Original Magic Bullet as a Christmas gift and it's been amazing! It is smaller than a regular blender, so you have to portion your ingredients accordingly. So while I use this recipe, I modify it a bit so that everything fits and can be blended. 

[ blend ]
1 banana 
a small handful of frozen blueberries
a couple of spoonfuls of vanilla Greek yogurt
a dollop of honey
a splash of milk

blend until creamy + add a fun straw!

enjoy :)

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