Wednesday, May 10, 2017

what's in my makeup bag: clinique foundation

I don't change up my makeup routine often, but I'll occasionally add a new product to the mix or try something new when I run out instead of repurchase. So I thought I'd share my recent purchase with you because I'm really liking it!

I typically follow the less is more rule and prefer to keep it light. It's just easier since 1) I've always lived in warm humid climates and makeup melting off my face is just not my cup of tea. 2) I have sensitive skin and the lighter and more natural I keep things, the happier my skin is. 3) I like the occasional wander through Sephora and I'm a total sucker for pretty packaging, but I've learned that a simple, streamlined everyday routine with my favorite products is something I will actually stick to. Anything too complicated just doesn't doesn't last. You'll probably never see me wearing glitter pigments (as appealing as they are...)

I was using Your Skin But Better CC Cream by It Cosmetics for a good while now. It was full coverage, but I often used half a pump if I wanted something lighter, good for your skin, and reduces redness. I also told all of my friends about it, too, because it was just that good. And I was going to happily repurchase, but I decided to try something new.

Besides the fact that it's already in the 90's here, I've also noticed that my skin type has changed a bit. I used to have combination skin - more oily, but still a bit dry and acne prone for sure. Now it's more dry! The Clinique Stay Matte Oil-Free Makeup is oil-free, but also super light weight, velvety and sheer. Normally preferring a BB or CC cream, this is the first foundation I've bought in a while, but it's super light and buildable! I definitely recommend!

Also, I'd love to know about your favorite beauty products!

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