Monday, May 29, 2017

ny style

I hope everyone had an amazing Memorial Day weekend!

This wall is the side of an abandoned building that was once an Italian restaurant (I mean, duh) and has been in our town forever. I wanted to know more about the restaurant because I drive by the building all the time. Well, they've actually been in business for nearly 20 years and are still going, just moved locations! Good for them that they needed to expand, but I'm glad that this wall stuck around because it ended up being a great backdrop for this outfit. 

I really couldn't imagine wearing a denim skirt after middle school, but here we are. And this one sits slightly higher on my waist and is perfect for cropped tops, tucking in tees, it essentially works with anything. I really want to pair it with this blouse when the weather gets cooler!

The denim skirt is a bit of a cool customer. Throw on a breezy top with a fun ankle boot and your favorite accessories and you have the perfect day look.

 Also, maybe you've noticed a trend on here. Standing in front of interesting walls for photos. Just can't get enough.

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