Wednesday, May 31, 2017

embroidered jeans + a tee

Embroidered denim, embroidered everything, has been everywhere lately. I think it's such a pretty element to add to a handbag, peasant top, or jeans. It adds visual interest without going overboard and makes your outfit interesting enough where you can keep your accessories minimal and simple. This is kinda a lifesaver, especially in the summer, because who wants to be bogged down with more, when less is truly more?

I saw these jeans on Zara's site and instantly saved them for later. I know white jeans are a summer must, but I normally prefer classic blue denim, however these are perfect. And when you see the embroidery up close, it's so gorgeous. I chose a cute yellow tie-front tee, but you could do all white for a chic monochromatic look, too! I wouldn't be mad at that.

My favorite part of this is the accessories. White sandals, the cutest mini tote, and these sunnies. This is a simple outfit, so I think the sunglasses are where you can have fun. These Linda Farrow's are a splurge for sure, but I've been lusting after them for a while, and I would love for somebody to have them! And then wear them with this outfit! :)

More embroidered options from Zara (they seem to have the best...)
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Monday, May 29, 2017

ny style

I hope everyone had an amazing Memorial Day weekend!

This wall is the side of an abandoned building that was once an Italian restaurant (I mean, duh) and has been in our town forever. I wanted to know more about the restaurant because I drive by the building all the time. Well, they've actually been in business for nearly 20 years and are still going, just moved locations! Good for them that they needed to expand, but I'm glad that this wall stuck around because it ended up being a great backdrop for this outfit. 

I really couldn't imagine wearing a denim skirt after middle school, but here we are. And this one sits slightly higher on my waist and is perfect for cropped tops, tucking in tees, it essentially works with anything. I really want to pair it with this blouse when the weather gets cooler!

The denim skirt is a bit of a cool customer. Throw on a breezy top with a fun ankle boot and your favorite accessories and you have the perfect day look.

 Also, maybe you've noticed a trend on here. Standing in front of interesting walls for photos. Just can't get enough.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

back on campus

I've attended (and graduated from) three different colleges but the University of Tampa has been the prettiest that I've visited and I sort of regret not looking into this school now just because it is that pretty. It was so fairytale like and so I thought I'd share it!

This outfit is one that I've worn countless times. This is the boatneck striped tee from J.Crew and it goes with everything. Jeans are the obvious choice, but I think a fun mini skirt would be perfect for dressing it up! As if it hasn't already been mentioned before, I feel like everyone needs a simple striped tee in their wardrobe. You can wear them with everything and they're a classic print.

I print mixed with my Kate Spade Keds. They have ladybugs on them and I wear them all through spring & summer! They make everything more fun and I can walk for hours in them. Super simple and comfy. My print is sold out, but I love these!

Unfortunately, my bag and jeans are sold out, but I've linked similar options below. The bag is Ann Taylor, but I've had a few people assume it was Tory Burch, so I linked a couple of those! 

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Monday, May 22, 2017

coffee date

This is what you wear when you want to be comfy yet cute for a quick run to get an iced coffee in the late afternoon. I love pairing cropped sweatshirts with high-waisted shorts because even though it's warm basically an oven outside, it's always much cooler inside. 

As soon as I saw this sweatshirt I had to have it because I thought it looked a little bit retro, you know? And I love that! The colors are so much fun to style - I added a red lip and my blue tinted sunnies, but kept everything else simple. Perfect for a Sunday.

[ the necessities: ] 
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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

shades of green

I wanted to mention two things in this post. The obvious is that this skirt + top combination can easily go from day to evening with just a change of accessories. For day I went with my favorite loafers, an easy bag, and denim jacket to dress it down. This is perfect for going out to lunch or a casual weekday meeting and it's perfect for spring! I really love how this skirt brightens up the dark loafers and bag and makes the outfit feel more appropriate. Also, these Rayban's go with me everywhere.

For evening, I ditched the jacket and changed into a chunky heel. I added my favorite clutch I found in a vintage shop and kept the jewelry the same. There are so many ways you could style this skirt + top for an evening out, it would also look amazing with a black suede sandal! But I loved how the textures worked together with this outfit and the soft color palette is one of my favorites!

I also wanted to talk about bustier tops. I never thought I would wear one, I mean I love wearing cropped tops or shorter sweaters with high waisted shorts, but a bustier top? It's barely there. But this skirt is so high waisted and it just needed a super cropped, but delicate top paired with it. But now that I've worn one, I kinda love them. I think they're perfect for this time of year! Sadly, mine is sold out, but I've added other options below.

[ note: this top is actually a few sizes bigger than I normally wear. It was the last one in the store, but I tried it on just because and I actually liked it. Having it fit a little looser made it fall over the skirt perfectly and it gave the outfit a more elegant feel. ] 

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See you on Monday with a new post! :)

Monday, May 15, 2017

field frolicking

I posted a photo of this top on Instagram because it's so pretty and it was apart of Anthropologie's sale! I picked it up in store and instantly pictured it over a bathing suit or with cut-off's for the perfect boho look. When I got home to look it up online, I found out that it was a pajama top! Still not wearing it as pj's because it has bell sleeves, the prettiest pattern, and I was already outfit planning in my head as I walked out of the store.

Does anyone else do that? I highly recommend trying it out. Like this top has been worn to the mall, to this park, it will go to the beach and many more places... And to think it was all meant to be a pajama top!

The other favorite part of this outfit are these booties. These from last summer and I love wearing them with denim and dresses! I actually found them here in some sizes! But I'll also link some similar styles below because the cutouts make them such a fun spring/summer shoe! 

My sister and I found this park and as we drove further back we saw this giant field! It was a beautiful day and you would never know that behind those trees are basketball courts and playgrounds. It was so quiet and I wish we would've packed a picnic!

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

what's in my makeup bag: clinique foundation

I don't change up my makeup routine often, but I'll occasionally add a new product to the mix or try something new when I run out instead of repurchase. So I thought I'd share my recent purchase with you because I'm really liking it!

I typically follow the less is more rule and prefer to keep it light. It's just easier since 1) I've always lived in warm humid climates and makeup melting off my face is just not my cup of tea. 2) I have sensitive skin and the lighter and more natural I keep things, the happier my skin is. 3) I like the occasional wander through Sephora and I'm a total sucker for pretty packaging, but I've learned that a simple, streamlined everyday routine with my favorite products is something I will actually stick to. Anything too complicated just doesn't doesn't last. You'll probably never see me wearing glitter pigments (as appealing as they are...)

I was using Your Skin But Better CC Cream by It Cosmetics for a good while now. It was full coverage, but I often used half a pump if I wanted something lighter, good for your skin, and reduces redness. I also told all of my friends about it, too, because it was just that good. And I was going to happily repurchase, but I decided to try something new.

Besides the fact that it's already in the 90's here, I've also noticed that my skin type has changed a bit. I used to have combination skin - more oily, but still a bit dry and acne prone for sure. Now it's more dry! The Clinique Stay Matte Oil-Free Makeup is oil-free, but also super light weight, velvety and sheer. Normally preferring a BB or CC cream, this is the first foundation I've bought in a while, but it's super light and buildable! I definitely recommend!

Also, I'd love to know about your favorite beauty products!

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Monday, May 8, 2017

tree-lined street

I love neiborhoods that have big tree canopies and lots of greenery. It makes them feel more welcoming and romantic. In fact, one of the reasons why I moved to Savannah was because of the trees (and for school, but the trees were a large part of the decision). We walked down this street and there were picture perfect carriage houses, it was super quiet, and nearby the water.

This is one of my favorite outfit combinations [ white top + well-loved denim + a brightly colored shoe ] because it can recreated in so many different ways and it's fresh and easy. These shoes are in my favorite bright shade, red orange. And you'd be surprised by how much you can wear this color with. Light pink, blue, white, navy, cream, black... I'm wearing last year's version, but this year's is almost identical and it's the same color!

My top is from a small boutique in Savannah. I love in shopping small, local shops. It's easier to focus and the inventory is usually well curated, but you're also giving your money to a small business! Win, win! The brand of the top if frnch and you can buy some of their items here and here!

As for the Levis, they're the shorties and I wear them with everything. But I also love these!

We ended up finding this pier at the end of our walk! The sun was just starting to set and it wasn't super crowded where we were standing. My best friend since middle school (it'll be 14 years in August!) takes my photos and it's been amazing to hang out with her. She's a mom and super busy and I've always lived in other cities for school. But our weekly photo sessions have been so fun!

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

ice cream before dinner

One of my favorite things to do when I have time is pop into T.J. Maxx or Marshalls and see if there's anything good, I think it's fun to search for the occasional gem. Enter this dress. It's super comfy, like I put it on and it was almost like wearing pajamas. It's drop waist and super soft. I wore my converse with it and I loved the pop of color they added. Converse high-tops are not my typical style, but I love wearing them with dresses and high waisted denim! I was hesitant when I bought them, but now I throw them on with everything and they give me a bit of edge when needed.

Since moving back to Florida, I've had the chance to spend more time with my best friend! We've been friends since middle school (the first day of sixth grade) and we've always stayed close, but now that I live near again, it's exactly like old times when we're together! We went to this park that has a pier, a gorgeous view, and really yummy ice cream! I was also completely distracted as there was a horse barn right across the street and it made me miss riding so much! I was a horseback rider in college and miss it more than anything.

I hope everyone is having a great week! :)

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